Smarter Key Features

KAI packs an array of useful features that make watering a breeze. And it costs thousands less than an in-ground system.

Control from anywhere.

Adjust the sprinkler without getting wet. Or keep an eye on things while you’re on vacation. You can control Kai water timers from anywhere with internet access.

If your home loses internet access, you can still rest easy. Any watering in progress will end as usual. And future watering will resume automatically once internet access is restored.

Question: How many gallons of water are in 10 minutes?

Not sure?
Most sprinkler systems don’t know either. But Kai does.

Our patented built-in flow meter accurately measures your water use. So you’ll know exactly how many gallons are used over the course of 10 minutes.

Kai can work in inches of water, too. So you can apply 1” of water to your lawn, for example.
And over time, Kai will present clear charts of your usage history. Providing you with a real understanding of your water use. Imagine that.

Smarter Watering

Who wouldn’t want a lush lawn or garden with less worry and effort.

Kai enables you to avoid some age-old watering frustrations.

Get a heads up when you’ve got a leak in your hose. Or an alert when you’ve forgotten to open the faucet.

Kai will let you know if the batteries are low, or if freezing weather is on the way. And it can confirm that, yes, the water did come on last night.

And unlike some competitors, Kai doesn’t charge a service fee.

Best in class range.

Kai utilizes an award-winning semiconductor chip coupled with a Bluetooth 5.0 signal amplifier to provide best in class range.  Our range is well over 2X of WiFi which provides enough signal strength to bounce around to find the tough to reach wireless areas around your home.

Kai can grow along with your garden.

Up to eight Kai Valves can be paired with a single Bridge. So as your garden grows, your Kai system can too.

You can easily manage multiple valves in the Kai mobile app. They can be scheduled individually, or as a group.

And Kai can make the most of your water pressure by watering one zone at a time.

Over a year of battery life.

Under typical conditions, your batteries will last an entire year.  And if you do need to change them, there’s no need to disconnect the hose.  Just turn Kai around to access the Battery Cover.

A rugged gardening tool.
Built Better. Built to last.

In a world of “throw away products”, the team at Kai wanted to do something better.

Kai is designed to provide maximum flow from your water system (whereas many competitor systems restrict flow, reducing watering range). Kai can withstand pressures of 130 PSI.  All electronics are thoroughly sealed against water, and a UV resistant exterior protects against damage from the sun.  Engineered here in the United States, it is built to last.

Accessories for KAI Kit

Valve Unit

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Valve Extender

(For use with backflow preventer)

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Hose Splitter

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