The simplest way to set up Kai is to download the App and follow the instructions to Add the Bridge and Valves.  The Kai App will take you step by step through the process, so you don’t need to be software savvy to set up the Kai system. The below set up guide will walk you through the set-up procedure to help prepare you for set-up

Bridge Setup

  • Connect the bridge to the power cord found in your starter kit and plug it into a 120 VAC socket. 
  • Once the bridge begins to power, the LED will blink white and then will switch to a solid amber light.  At this point, your bridge is ready for set up.  
  • Go to the Kai App and click on Add Bridge. The app will notify you to plug in your bridge, which we have previously covered above.  Once you click on Add Bridge, you will follow the below steps:
  1. Enter Wi-Fi Name and Password
  2. Go to your phone settings and select the network that begins with Zilker
  3. Once you click on the Zilker network, go back to the App and click next.
  4. The Bridge will then be added to your home’s Wi-Fi network 
  5. You will then be asked to set up your Valve.


*Note 1. If set up doesn’t complete, you can reset the Bridge by using a thin pointed object to press the red button on the bottom side of the bridge and holding it in until the amber light comes on. You can also simply unplug the bridge and plug it back in to reset.
*Note 2. Kai has excellent range and will most likely be able to wirelessly connect anywhere around your home, but walls, and other structural components make interfere with certain locations so you may need to optimize your Kai Bridge location for best Wi-Fi range

Valve Setup

  • Open the Kai App
  • Go to settings and click Add Product – Valve
  • You will be prompted to add Two AA batteries into your valve
  • After adding the batteries, click next on the App and it will prompt you to hold the button down on the valve until the amber light appears.  
  • Once the amber light appears, click next and the App will begin finding the valve
  • Once the Valve is found, click on the valve and begin setting your schedules and enjoy the weather based intelligence of the Kai Watering System